New TENA Lady Pants Discreet

Our most fashionable looking underwear-like pant

"Function, fit and fashion are just as important for disposable incontinence panties as it is for regular ones," says Ceri Williams, professional lingerie designer. And we couldn’t agree more, that’s why we collaborated with Ceri on the print design for our new TENA Lady Pants Discreet.
"When you feel confident with what you wear under, it reflects all over"
Ceri has been empowering women through lingerie design for over 14 years working with top fashion brands. Her greatest challenge? Balancing great comfort with an attractive aesthetic. "Great underwear is different for every woman and every woman’s needs… As a designer, it’s a challenge that we love, to satisfy all these needs, to achieve something that makes women feel confident."
"We feel differently if we have great underwear"
For the collaboration with TENA Lady, Ceri took inspiration from runway fabrics to create a print for the incontinence underwear, to help make them look more like underwear than ever. "We found that natural flowers are key trends and loved the idea." 
"I love the fit"
Besides the all-around fashion print designed by Ceri, the disposable underpants have been improved with a softer feel and a more discreet waist to increase the underwear likeness. 
"They’ve become more flattering and more comfortable in fit," says Ceri. "I love the evolution of the fabric too, which now feels more cotton-like and soft to hand." Like all TENA Lady products, they feature TENA’s Triple Protection against leaks, odour and moisture so you can stay dry, secure and feel confident every day. Learn more about new TENA Lady Pants Discreet.

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Sunt discrete. Nu arată ca chiloții obișnuiți pentru incontinență.